Hello, my name is Sori Țigăeru and I welcome you to my online crib.

In a few words, about me I could say that I am the sum of all the experiences that I’m going through. My spirit is a happy, adventurous and honest one.
The thing I like most in this life is to live it! I have learned to cherish the time I have, by making my dreams come true. And, when this happens, then I become the best version of myself. Indeed, traveling represents a great deal of all this process.
After spending some time on the road, I understood that I, myself, can’t be a vacation, yet I’ll always be a journey. One of self acknowledgement. And the stories that come to life when traveling are, in particularly, exactly the ones that will take you from one journey to another.
If you like this type of spirit, if you feel that this way of seeing life it fits your needs, then I would be happy to share it with you! It’s a road I would be glad to travel together!

Sori Țigăeru

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