The Essence of Myanmar

I came back about a week ago, yet I still can’t seem to be finding my words. And this I confess for those who have asked me why I am not posting pictures on my Facebook account or why I haven’t, yet, started to write about my trip. Therefore, here it is.

I must admit that a longer period of recovery will be needed after this adventure in Myanmar, because, for this time, the journey had more levels than one, or better yet, than anything that I would have expected. Now it’s a bit late for me to ask “why” I have not been ready, even though I would have liked from myself, this 32 years old woman that I have become, to be, somewhat, emotionally and spiritually balanced.

A few days ago I was talking to a dear friend of mine. At some point she asked me: who are my favorite people. The answer came in a blink of an eye. I like those people that don’t need my explanations. I like them because in front of them I don’t need to justify myself with anything. After this trip I found out that not they are the ones to blame for my fear of “why”.

Myanmar represented my first steps in Asia. I couldn’t have made a better choice. Every time I travel, I ask myself why I chose that particular unknown road of a country that hasn’t got, yet, strong ties to tourism. And this seems very good to me. I know already about myself that I don’t like to go to very well known places. Actually, if there is a place out there and I can’t read about it on the internet, well, that’s a place I would like to go to! Sounds a bit crazy, right?

What I can say about the trip to Myanmar, being now freshly returned, is that it is good, from time to time, to take a step back, in order to go ahead, in life. To open yourself more than you could ever imagine you could. Mark my words as I’m not joking at all. This was the thing about this trip. The naturalness of these two weeks.

Other pictures with stories will follow; there will also be the trip presentation, mid January 2017 at Journey Pub, in Bucharest. I’m working on that already. I want to bring in front of your eyes the essence of that land and what I have learned about life throughout these past two weeks.

Be back soon,